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1   Appearance of graduate without face symbolizes each human being as a graduate
2   The colour blue symbolizes unity among educators.
3   Three red lines which represents the ladder of success for every human being to become a graduate.
4   The form of a Red Crescent shows each graduate must adhere to the values of courage to face all the challenges in life.
5   The 'GAPIT' word in black colour stands for "Graduan Pelajar India Institusi Pengajian Tinggi" who remember the pain of the past that serves as guidance to the brightness of the future.
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Welcome to Persatuan Graduan Pelajar India Institusi Pengajian Tinggi [GAPIT]
   GAPIT society organizing a motivational seminar to the Indian Students who are sitting for UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM. This program will be conduct by local university and college graduates
   Motivate Indian students towards higher education
   Student to student
   To provide involvement of varsity students with school students and leads them to produce knowledgeable students with high education
   1. Motivate students (school level) to further their studies in varsities.
   2. Build a good relationship between organization members and students by motivational activities and it will lead the students to get excellent results in the examination.
   3. Organization members who voluntarily use of their free time with useful activities will produce a well-shaped personality and self discipline so that they will be responsible towards themselves, organization, and publics.
   4. Provide learning techniques which is more dynamic and systematic to students and exposure about working environment and the options which can be used maximally by students.
   5. Build up the students with high enthusiasm to face all the challenges and well-shaped positive behavior towards education.
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